You are here on this post just because you want to know what is the difference between witch and warlock. There are many sources that provide information online about these distinctions, but there is no definitive answer. It all depends on the context in which they are mentioned. Let’s see below: What are witches?


Witches are natural magicians who use magic to create illusions. They draw their power from the earth, and also themselves as natural beings. Witches can be either good or bad.

Belinda goes to the woods when she feels particularly tired and needs to recharge her batteries.

Belinda, in A Maze of Murder (book 1,) doesn’t believe she’s a true witch. She has no control over the power she wields and believes that a witch must train in a coven. She joins A Mask of Chaos (book 2) to form a coven, but most of her training is self-guided and on her merit.


Warlocks can be evil. This world’s warlocks are magicians who gain their power from demons. Usually, this is due to a dark deal. Rowan Jackfort is made a warlock by having his witch powers stolen. His case is not much different from his previous one. Anyhow, let’s check below the main difference between witch and warlock.

What is the difference between Witch and Warlock

  • The term Witch simply means “wise”. The term Warlock, on the other hand, refers to an ‘oath-breaker’.
  • The term Witch isn’t as old as Warlock. It is relatively new, while Warlock is an ancient term used by Christian communities.
  • The term Witch is often associated with magicians, while the word Warlock is associated with evil characters.
  • The Middle English word for witch is Warlock, while Warlock is an Old English term.
  • A Witch can be either a male or female, while the term Warlock is reserved for males.
  • The Witch is generally viewed as someone who uses magic and is kind-hearted. A Warlock, on the other hand is viewed as a person who violates oaths or indulges in corrupt activities.

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