Light novels and Manga are two terms used to describe similar types of Japanese written media. Both are aimed at teenagers and youth, and include ideas and concepts that appeal to this age group. Many similarities exist between a Manga and a light novel that can confuse people. This article will help readers understand what is the difference between light novel and manga.

  • Light Novel

This is not a genre in fiction writing. It’s a name that an administrator of an internet forum gave to a particular format of writing that has become very popular. Light novels, or small novels, are now called novellas in the US. They are written with the youth in mind and are often referred to simply as light novels. Light novels are limited to 200-250 pages and words no greater than 40000-50000. These books are A6 in size and come with a dustcover. These light novels are illustrated a lot.

  • Manga

Manga is an expression that doesn’t need to be explained today. These comics are Japanese and have become so popular that people of all ages read them. Manga is not meant to be read by children as it can appear in many genres, including romance, mystery and horror, as well as sci-fi and adult. Manga books are black-and-white with many illustrations. Many large-sized books are dedicated to this genre of fiction writing. Each issue contains several Manga. To read their favorite Manga episodes, they wait until the next issue.

Difference between Light Novel and Manga

  • Manga is a comic that has lots of illustrations, while light novels are a smaller novel that only has a few illustrations.
  • A light novel is text that contains text, with the book never exceeding 250 pages. It’s similar to a novella, as it is known in the US.
  • You can find words in paragraphs in light novels, but not in manga.
  • Manga illustrations are more effective than words for describing action.
  • Manga is more engaging and artistic than light novels, which is why it’s read by all ages in Japan.
  • Manga is more popular in Japanese culture that light novels.


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