One of Nintendo’s most popular titles is Pokemon. Players have grown to expect new Pokemon appearing on the shelves over the years thanks to a TV show, trading cards and games for consoles like the Gameboy Advance or Nintendo 3DS. The franchise has had two different titles: LeafGreen and FireRed. They were both released simultaneously, but there is one important difference. Let’s check below what is the difference between firered and leafgreen.

What is the Difference Between Firered and Leafgreen

These versions include key elements that allow the player to choose their preferred playing style. There are many new puzzles and Pokemon to be found, as well as new islands to explore. You can now choose whether your Pokemon will be listed in standard or national format. These games have smarter computers, especially in the NPC trainers. This makes it more difficult than previous versions. A wireless adapter was included with every purchase of 2004’s game. This is one of the most important updates.

You might be confused when you first start the game. They play exactly the exact same and have the same controls. At first glance, Charizard is on FireRed’s front cover and Venasaur is on LeafGreen’s cover. The only difference between the games is the Pokemon you can access.

There are certain Pokemon in LeafGreen that you won’t see in FireRed, and vice versa. These rare types can only be obtained if you trade wireless adapters with friends who are playing the same game. If you own FireRed and have captured the Gloom, and your friend has LeafGreen and a Staryu respectively, you can trade to gain access to each other’s Pokemon. This was done to increase user connectivity and encourage people to purchase both versions of the game.

List of Exclusive Pokemon

These are the types you’ll find in each of their games.

FireRed: Growlithe (Fire), Arcanine(Fire), Shelder [Water], Oddish (Grass/Poison), Shelder (16 Water), Shelder (17 Water), Shelder (18 Water), Shelder (20 Water), Shelder (20 Water), Shelder (16 Water), Shelder (18 Water), Shelder (20 Water), Shelder (Water), Shelder (18 Water), Shelder (20 Water), Shelder (18 Water), Oddish (30 Grassss/Poison) and Gloom (Gras/Poison)

LeafGreen: Fire (Fire), Ninetails(Fire), Staryu [Water], Bellsprout (“Grass/Poison”), and Weepinbell (“Grass/Poison”)

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