Do you want to know what the difference between browsing and searching is? You are on the right spot to know the answer of this question.

With advances in technology, information about any subject is just a click away. The incorporation of the internet into the daily lives of millions of people is something remarkable and it is increasingly having a great impact on society.

Most people enjoy the simple act of sitting for hours in front of their computers and aimlessly scrolling through different web pages. This habit of clicking on multiple sites is called “web browsing” and “web searching.

Both the terms browsing and searching are often used to refer to the same task (looking for things on the internet), however, technically speaking, there are differences between what each word implies.

Difference between Browsing and Searching

If you have doubts about what the difference is between browsing and searching the web or you are simply looking for a little more information that complements what you already know, continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know around this interesting topic.

What is Web Search

When a person is using a specific search engine and goes through the websites in search of something in particular, it is said that he is searching the web.

It is then understood that this is a task that is carried out with a purpose, that is, the person is not looking for things randomly.

There are as many reasons why people search the web as the number of websites that can be visited if you have an internet connection.

There are those who use search engines to do school work or homework, others do it for entertainment, for work…

What is Browsing

On the other hand, surfing the web consists of visiting sites randomly. In this case, the user does not look for anything specific, but simply explores what is presented to him.

Unlike what happens in the previous case, when someone browses the web, many times they do not even pay attention or because they have in mind to find something in particular; rather he does it as a way to kill time.

Finally, as you may have noticed, both terms have very similar definitions; however, the connotations are different. Both words describe the same action, but distinguish the motives behind it.

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