Difference Between Success and Failure

It happens often. Two people can have the exact same business coach, strategy, and blueprint for success. One person makes six figures while the other gives up or fails. What is the difference between success and failure? Let’s check below:

Difference between Success and Failure

Mindset is the cornerstone of any business. If there is no solid foundation, the business will fall apart when it faces unexpected storms. These are the nine factors that foster a sense of mastery.

  1. Scope

Only 20% of your success is directly related to the way you do things. The other 80 percent depends on what you do. What’s your purpose?

Consider why you are interested in building a business. What benefits will it bring? What will this do for your life? You will be motivated to act if you focus on the joys of building a company.

Ask yourself what happens if you fail to succeed. Do you want to stay in a job that you don’t like? Are you going to continue struggling with debt? It’s common to be driven more by pain than pleasure. Therefore, it is important to remember the consequences of inaction.

This purpose should always be at the forefront of your mind. A morning routine is the best way to achieve this. It will set you up for success throughout your day. Every morning, I spend between 15 and 60 minutes making sure I am mentally and emotionally ready for the day. This includes planning for the most important tasks and outcomes so I can stay focused.

  1. Contribution

Helping others is the essence of purpose. It is essential to create a product/service that solves a problem/satisfies a need. This is how you can earn trust and attention, which are the most valuable commodities in this world.

Focusing on your own success will not lead to others following you or buying from you in the long-term. You will be rewarded if you make a difference in the lives of others. You will be rewarded with the money.

You can create this attitude of contribution by giving even small amounts to the less fortunate. This will help you live in abundance and not scarcity.

  1. Belief

Belief is the foundation of behavior. Believe that you are capable of success. Many people begin a business or invest money in training programs without thinking about the possibility of failure. They ask for a refund if the program doesn’t work out. This mentality sets you up for failure.

It is important to believe in your business. It is important to believe in your business’ potential, that it will work for you and that it will succeed.

Start your day by reciting affirmations that inspire belief.

Listen to podcasts, read books, or watch videos. Be surrounded by successful people. Ask yourself if you are confident in your ability to achieve the goals you have set. On a belief scale from 1-10, I require at least seven to be able to achieve my goals. If I have less than that, it is unlikely I will do the work.

  1. Commitment

The ancient Greeks burned their boats when they arrived on the island they wanted to conquer. They were unable to retreat and had no choice but to go all-in.

This doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job. However, it does mean that you cannot keep one foot in front of the other. Be willing to do whatever it takes. You can be resourceful and find the money, time and resources you need. Find a way to solve your problem.

The key to achieving commitment is visualization. Imagine your dream becoming a reality. Imagine yourself moving throughout your day. Close your eyes. Do what you want to do.

  1. Focus

Focus and commitment go hand in hand. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Finish what you started. Avoid information overload and analysis paralysis. These can make you feel overwhelmed before you even start.

It doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Choose one thing to master. Do not compare yourself with others. Instead, focus on your niche or business model.

To help you stay focused, find an accountability group. You will find people who are motivated and will help you reach your goals. Set up a weekly call so you can share your progress and get feedback.

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