Do you want to know what the difference between red and black radish is? You are on the right spot to know the answer of this question.

There are radishes of many colors, they can be white, like the daikon radish, red like the classic radish, brown like the horseradish, green like the watermelon radish and black, like the Spanish radish.

What is the Difference between Red and Black Radish

In this article we will focus on two of the most popular varieties, the red and the black radish and difference between both of them.

Red Radishes

Their slightly spicy flavor and crunchy texture make them a delicious addition to salads. Red radish is rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, K, group B, beta-carotene, folate, magnesium and calcium) and many other micronutrients.

Black Radishes

Black radishes (also known as Spanish radishes) whose scientific name is Raphanus sativus L. var. Niger , they have a truly black exterior covering a snow-white flesh.

Black radishes are tough and crunchy when raw, and make an excellent addition to salads and raw vegetable dishes; Its appearance is quite attractive due to the contrast that is created between the almost translucent white of the interior and the charcoal color on the exterior. They are also larger in diameter than traditional ones, ranging from 3 to 4 inches. Its flavor is also more pungent, and its texture is a little harder.

In ancient times, black radish was considered a sacred food and was used to treat all kinds of ailments. Today, it is used in traditional medicine to promote good digestive health and liver detoxification, stimulate the immune system, and fight aging.


As you can see, the biggest difference between both types of radishes is in their color and size, which you can use at your convenience to add originality and flavor to your dishes. Black radish is also used as a natural remedy.

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