Is there a difference between left and right Twix. Yes there is, you can disagree with me, I will not change my mind.

Twix split at first. I thought their marketers were smarter than the average person. Selling false products is a better way to get customers to buy your product. But it’s wrong. After many years of trying both, I finally began to see the difference. So let’s check below what is the difference between left and right Twix.

What is the Difference between Left and Right Twix

Let’s take it side-by-side.

  1. Packaging is identical, except that the labels on the left and right are different to differentiate the differences.
  2. The Twix will look the same after opening the package. Same chocolate drizzle and same covering. They are identical, even if you’re not a sane person. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  3. Being a true Twix expert I decided to share my knowledge with you. You can see the differences by removing the chocolate layer from the edge. The Left Twix has a layer of caramel, but the cookie absorbs it more easily. The Right Twix, on the other hand has less caramel present off the bat and a darker cookie that fades lighter towards its middle.
  4. This is what you think, right? You are wrong. I have decided to prove you even more. Proving people wrong is kind of my thing. To examine the caramel drip, you’ll bite into both Twix. This step will show that the Right Twix does not have the same caramel amount as the Left Twix. It requires a lot of skill to make a caramel drip.
  5. You have come this far. You are a hero! Don’t be too excited. It is possible that you won’t be able to tell the difference until your try it. Here’s your chance to get a free ticket and buy yourself a healthy amount of Twix.
  6. This is the best way to test this hypothesis. What is the purpose of water? This is a common question that people ask. It is for cleansing your taste buds. Science?
  7. Separate the Twix into separate piles. This is the best part. DIETING THE CANDY! You have the option to choose which side you want, but it’s okay to be disappointed if you choose the wrong side (aka Right Twix). Except if you like a darker cookie with their chocolate (WEIRDO00). You will be amazed at the simplicity of simplicity when you visit Pleasant Side.
  8. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but my opinion the right one. Sunders now rests my case on 1st World Problems which keep me awake at night.

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