The difference between joy and happiness lies in their duration and importance. Happiness is a permanent state, synonymous with prosperity or happiness. Joy is a temporary state, synonymous with joy, well-being or joy.

The Difference between Joy and Happiness

Its important to know what is happiness and what is joy before learning the difference between both of them.

What is Happiness

Happiness is an emotional state that causes a permanent and stable effect due to the personal importance that is given to the causes of said happiness, for example, one person may be happy because of the family they have and another may be happy when reaching a position or on a desired job.

Happiness is a feeling that depends on the attitude taken in life to achieve it and on the life goals set by our mental associations and our personal experiences.

What is Joy

Joy is a momentary and spontaneous emotional state. Joy is considered an emotion, that is, an instinctive physical reaction. Despite being temporary, joy is necessary as a way of facing life, as a way to achieve happiness.

A cheerful personality or a cheerful person is one that is smiling and smiling, that is, one who has a tendency to laugh. According to studies in psychology, the cheerful personality or the ability to feel joy is an important attitude to overcome difficult situations in life.

A happy person is one who is said to have found happiness. As it is a permanent state, an unhappy person may feel moments of joy and a happy person may not know what happiness is.

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