Do you want to know what is the difference between jogging and running? You are on the right place to know the answer of this query.

Running and jogging are aerobic exercises. Both help to lose weight and improve health, however, they differ in intensity.

Difference between Jogging and Running

If you are thinking of starting an exercise routine, it is very likely that the information about the difference between running and jogging will be useful to you.

Since perhaps when you know the difference you will be able to decide more easily the type of exercise that suits you best.

What is Jogging

To jog you need to put more muscles to work than when you simply decide to walk.

One of the advantages of jogging is that almost anyone can do it regardless of age, plus it can be done more easily in a group.

People usually go jogging in the morning and this helps them lose weight, improve heart health, improve social interaction and achieve a better physical constitution.

Jogging is considered when the speed is less than 9 miles per hour.

What is Running

It is a much more intense exercise than jogging. As it requires more effort, it is not recommended for all ages.

In addition, it is not always possible to work well in a group because not everyone tends to run at the same pace.

Most people run to lose weight, build stronger bones, improve cardiovascular health, or to prepare for a race or marathon.

Some of the benefits of running are: getting a strong and athletic body, meeting new people, social recognition (in the case of athletes), among others.

In spite of everything, some studies correlate running with some health problems and with a greater probability of injuries.

For this reason, many doctors are more inclined to recommend that their patients jog instead of run. When running, the speed is generally greater than 9 miles per hour.

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