Do you want to know what’s the difference between Cushion and Pillow? You are on the right spot to know the answer of this question.

When it comes to our home, comfort is one of the characteristics that many of us probably associate with it or look for it to have, but not only comfort is important, so is aesthetics.

This being the case, it is not uncommon for us to buy many accessories for the home, some simply decorative, but others such as pillows and cushions, which fulfill the double function of embellishing spaces and at the same time making them more welcoming and comfortable.

Difference between Cushion and Pillow

If you have been surprised that we mention cushions and pillows as if they were different things, do not be surprised anymore, because even if you have believed.

Otherwise the truth is that they are different things. If you have doubts about it or want a little more information; Continue reading, because below we will explain the difference between a pillow and a cushion.


What makes the biggest difference between pillows and cushions is the use that is given to both. In the case of the latter these are generally used to cover the seats or to support the knees. They are normally used to smooth the surface of hard or angular chairs or armchairs.

It is also good to know that the use of cushions is not limited to closed spaces, they are also used outside.

For example, they are good when we are on a picnic and want to lie on the ground for a while without it feeling too hard, the same when we want to take a nap on the grass (at university, at home or anywhere else… ).

Likewise, in outdoor spaces, cushions can also be used to avoid the inconvenience of some insects; since with them we can cover our ears or cover our face while we rest.

Besides use, another noticeable difference between cushions and pillows has to do with texture. The former are usually harder than the latter and in many cases they also tend to present a greater variety in terms of shape. Also, cushions are often decorated much more than pillows.

Almost all cushions consist of a cloth bag (usually decorated) filled with wool, hair, feathers, polyester; among other materials.


On the other hand, pillows are often used in bed to support the head while sleeping. Unlike the cushions, these are softer and in many cases even larger. Despite this, there are pillows with a large number of decorations, but these are exceptional cases.

People never cover their chairs and couches with pillows because pillows are not as sturdy as cushions.

The very fact that they are softer makes them lose their shape easily if they are used too often and especially if you sit on them.

Finally, as far as filling is concerned; pillows are usually filled with the same materials as cushions.

Key differences between Cushions and Pillows

  • Cushions are harder than pillows and are also usually smaller.
  • There is less variety in the shapes of pillows than cushions.
  • Cushions usually have decorations, while pillows do not.

Pillows are used to support the head while sleeping, while cushions are used to cover chairs and couches.

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