Difference between a Coffin and a Casket

Although you may not have realized it, a casket is different from a coffin. If you find yourself suddenly faced with the decision of whether to use a coffin or a casket for a funeral, it is important to be aware of the differences. Anyhow, let’s check below what is the difference between coffin and casket.

What is the Difference between Coffin and Casket

Their appearance is the most noticeable difference: caskets and coffins are different in shape. Continue reading to find out more.


A coffin is a box specially made to hold the body of a deceased person for a funeral. It can also be used to view and bury the body, just like a casket.

Here’s the difference: coffins come with six sides. It might be difficult to visualize this. You might think back to an old western movie, especially if you haven’t seen it before. If there’s a funeral scene, you will see a coffin in movies set in 1800’s.

The top of coffins is usually wider than its bottom.


A casket is what most people associate with a funeral service. A casket is the most common funeral service in the United States. Families who reside in the United States should be aware of the differences between a ‘casket” and a ‘coffin’.

Caskets are specially-made boxes that contain the body of a deceased person. The casket is used to view the body during a funeral. If the family does not want a cremation burial for the deceased, the casket with the body is then lowered into the ground during a burial ceremony.

The casket may not be buried if the family has chosen cremation (or pre-arranged it). It may be used for viewing, visitation, wake or funeral services. Sometimes, however, a cremation container is placed inside a casket. The casket is then buried.

Now you should be able to see what a casket looks and feels like. The casket is rectangular and has hinged bars at each end for easy carrying.

This is not the only difference between caskets and coffins. How do you decide between a casket and a coffin?

It is important to distinguish between a coffin and a casket. Because they use less material, coffins are typically cheaper. Because of their tapered shape, less wood is required to make them. This affects the overall cost. You and your family can choose between a coffin or a casket in either case. Be aware that coffin manufacturing can be difficult and may incur additional costs, such as shipping and processing.

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